Mango, popularly known as the king of fruit, belongs to Anacardiaceae family of trees. Taste, flavour and fragrance of mango is very characteristic. The new variety of Sri Lankan mango called “TJC Mango”

Mango is consumed as ripe and unripe fresh fruit as well as various processed products. Pickles and chutneys are made from unripe mango. Different types of drinks, jams, jellies are prepared using ripe fruit. Likewise, dried and dehydrated mango pieces and mango powder is also seen in the market.Medicinal propertiesBoth unripe and ripe mango has medicinal properties. A drink made out of unripe mango is used as a remedy to prevent various body ailments caused by a raise in ambient air temperature. Unripe mangoes are also used in treating stomach problems and to stimulate bile formation and in treatment of blood related diseases.Ripe mango has many medicinal properties. Consumption of ripe mango is useful to overcome night blindness and to protect health of skin. There is a common belief that consumption of ripe mango with cows milk helps gain weight.